Road safety is a huge issue in New York City—for bikers, drivers and pedestrians alike. Despite its importance, assessing pavement conditions is still an arduous process that requires constant monitoring and repairs can take months.


Citi Bikers ride every inch of New York City roadways on a daily basis. By tapping into their phone's accelerometer we can detect when riders hit holes or swerve, creating a real-time database of problematic roads and effectively prioritize reparations.


All the rider needs to do is have the app open in his/her pocket while riding in order to log potholes and share the information on the streets' condition. The app sends the data to the Department of Transportation in real time, speeding the road repair process so riders can continue to unlock New York safely.


Awareness tactics:

• Mobile and searchable data visualization of street conditions, via
• Partnership with Google Maps to designate safe routes.
• Billboards indicating number of potholes filled and progress made. 
• Stamp of approval signage on streets "This Street Made Safe by Citi Bike".
• Partnership with city council.


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